I'm dr ann seide... ABIM board-certified Internist for nearly 30 years, also boarded in Integrative Medicine, and currently the Medical Director at the Center for Behavioral Health and Long Term Care at Motion Picture Television Fund Hospital.

I am also a Navy veteran, Soto Zen practitioner, Council trainer and Chief Medical Advisor of the non-profit Beyond Us & Them.

First and foremost, I'm a healer who believes that healing and relief from suffering is best achieved through relationship-centered, whole-person care.

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Dr Ann Seide Naval Medical Officer US Naval Medical Center Portsmouth(1)



My time at the US Naval Medical Center Portsmouth set me up to deliver rigorous care firmly grounded in evidence based medicine.

It also afforded me the opportunity to practice free of some of the barriers in civilian medicine (largely related to the absence of insurance coverage, patients' ability to pay, and provider income insecurity) and I developed practice habits that were grounded in respect for the provider-patient relationship.

To this day I fondly recall home visits to my retired Navy patients who were at end of life, and am saddened by a civilian healthcare system that makes this simple practice one that is fraught with difficulty.


passionate about physician health

Physician burnout is recognized by the WHO as an occupational phenomenon and global epidemic.

I personally experienced the devastating effect of physician burnout as a close friend/physician ended her own life.

The search for a “cure” for physician burnout led me to a two-year Zen chaplaincy program at Upaya Institute, concentrating on care of the caregiver as well as systems theory.

From there, I sought additional training as a council facilitator with the non-profit Center for Council, and later completed a two-year fellowship at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.


Incorporating the practice of Council

It has been through the foundational practice of compassionate communication in council that I see that physicians are not alone, and people in law enforcement, corrections, and education all suffer from similar syndromes of burnout.

And our patients (or clients, or students—whomever we serve) are as a result not receiving good care.

Council provides an opportunity to listen without judgment and speak what's alive, often becoming a space where true healing can take place. It has been a foundational part of the programs I have created for front-line workers.

Integrating eastern & western medicine practices

Other healthcare systems (eg Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and indigenous wisdom traditions) define health and disease differently, and their practices offer equivalent and sometimes superior outcomes compared with Western medicine.

In my own practice, I have long recognized that cure is not equivalent to healing. In acute medicine, I have seen patients cured of an illness whose suffering does not diminish. Conversely, I have seen healing occur in those for whom no cure is possible.

Training & Accreditations

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“I can't tell you how many staff have asked how they can get involved with this!  This has made such a difference in my ability to relax and get sleep.”

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Law enforcement officer

POWER participant

“My family says I'm a different person and I'm easier to talk to. I notice that I am much more patient at home with my kids – I listen better.”

Police officer_integrative medicine example program_LAPD Case study

Law enforcement officer

POWER participant