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Biometric research validates POWER program

In 2018, Center for Council began training roughly 200 police and correctional officers in POWER--Peace Officer Wellness, Empathy & Resilience. Along with Jared Seide and LT Rich Goerling, I helped...
Yew tree - integrative oncology Seide integrative health Integrative medicine in thousand oaks california

Tales of the Yew Tree

Looking at my late fall garden, I've been thinking about yew trees. My vegetable garden is winding down...the last ripe tomatoes hang from yellowing leaves, and the kale bolted weeks...
HErbs Seide integrative health Integrative medicine in thousand oaks california

The Physician Gardener

Weeding. As a child, when I helped my mom weed I pulled plants as well as weeds. It takes awhile to learn what to pull, what to leave. Timing is...
Integrative medicine for physicians_ leaves and stethoscope

Breathing to lower blood pressure

Each day, at least a dozen emails with medical articles drop into my inbox. Today, Doctor's Digest lead article was about "Lowering BP with Breathing." I smiled, thinking how many...
Relationship centred care Seide integrative health Integrative medicine in thousand oaks california_1

Relationship-Centered Care

Right off the bat, I'm going to say something that will raise some eyebrows amongst fellow healthcare providers... Patient-Centered Care is a bad idea. I've been in practice coming up...
Farmer tending the crops

The Importance of Dirt

I think the health of all things-from microbes to plants to animals to humans-depends on our soil. The importance of dirt, cannot be understated. Bonnie Kaplan, a PhD researcher in...
Physician health support Dr Ann Seide Integrative medicine

Addressing America’s Physician burnout epidemic with compassion

Physician burnout has reached epidemic levels with more than 50% of US physicians reporting symptoms of burnout. Research shows that 24% of ICU nurses tested positive for symptoms of PTSD, 33 %...
Police officer_integrative medicine example program_LAPD Case study

Tackling burnout on the front line: LAPD case study

In 2019, the non-profit organization Center for Council heard the call to bring compassion-based training into law enforcement. As the only certified council trainer who is also a physician, I...
Anti inflammatory foods integrative nutrition

Anti-inflammatory diet, tips & recipes

It is becoming clear that chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. Dietary choices play a big role alongside stress,...