Integrative health services

It's easy to get the health support you need at Seide Integrative Health. Integrative medicine ensures that your care is completely individualized.

Areas of Specialization

Integrative oncology

Provider health

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How it works

health assessment

Your work with Dr. Ann Seide begins with filling out an in-depth health assessment, which delves into aspects of your health that are commonly overlooked. Once Dr. Seide reviews your responses, you'll meet with her via zoom for an in-depth 60min discussion.

integrative health plan

You'll receive a comprehensive tailored health plan that includes recommendations for further testing, mind-body practices, complementary therapies, supplements, diet & lifestyle changes.

ongoing support

Dr. Seide highly recommends you view this opportunity to improve your health as a journey. By choosing a package you will receive ongoing support over 6 months, which includes additional followup appointments as well as unlimited messaging at a reduced cost over purchasing items individually.

Choosing the support level you need

Whether you're looking for an expert steer in the right direction, or a trusted health advisor to support you on a complex journey, we have a support package to suit you.

All meetings, followup and care plans are delivered by our Director of Integrative care Dr. Ann Seide, M.D.

Starter Care Plan

  • Comprehensive intake assessment
  • 60 minute meeting with our Director of Integrative Care
  • Personalized care plan designed by Dr. Ann Seide
  • Seide Integrative Health e-book
  • 1 month unlimited messaging with Dr. Seide


Integrative Medicine is a speciality that takes a broader focus on health than what you may have experienced with traditional Western medicine. Your lifestyle (which includes nutrition, sleep, exercise, and work) along with your mental health, spirituality, and relationships all impact your state of health and wellbeing. 

Got a question we haven't answered?

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Alternatively you can schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with Dr. Seide above and she will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Start your journey back to wellbeing

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As an integrative medicine doctor, I can work with you to make sure you get the holistic support you need.

I offer tailored support, working alongside your primary care doctor to provide:

  • nutritional support
  • mind-body support
  • herbal medicine recommendations*
  • acupuncture

I act as your health advocate and coach to help you navigate your health journey. As a registered medical doctor, I am also able to interpret and order additional testing where I feel it could be beneficial.


*where appropriate