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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is a speciality that takes a broader focus on health than what you may have experienced with traditional Western medicine. Your lifestyle (which includes nutrition, sleep, exercise, and work) along with your mental health, spirituality, and relationships all impact your state of health and wellbeing. 

How does Integrative Medicine complement my other healthcare?
Your primary care physician is highly trained to manage myriad acute and chronic illnesses with powerful medications.
What Western medicine physicians often lack is the time to speak with you about how changes in your lifestyle impact your body's ability to respond to these medications more positively.
Integrative Medicine physicians have received additional training in evidence-based complementary approaches (like acupuncture, herbal medicine, mind-body practices) that can have tremendous benefit when used appropriately alongside conventional care.
How often does one usually see an Integrative Medicine provider?
This depends largely on your particular needs and is a decision we make based on your initial Discovery Call.
For instance, if you are curious about what integrative approaches might benefit you, an Initial Consultation with Dr. Seide will give you a care plan that you can follow at your own choosing.
Alternatively, if you are facing several months of cancer treatment, then an initial comprehensive visit followed by supportive visits may serve you better.
Or, you may select a year-long Journey to Wellness, which includes the initial comprehensive visit, the SIH E-book, 3 additional follow-up visits, and 24 modules of supportive practices in physical, mental, emotional, and energetic or spiritual health. 
Who provides care at Seide Integrative Health?
Dr. Ann Seide is currently scheduling telemedicine appointments. She will oversee your care and create a personalized care plan based on your specific health needs.
She may suggest in your care plan seeing a Registered Dietician, a Licensed Acupuncturist, or a Naturopathic physician.
Stay Seide Integrative Health grows, expect to see these and other providers as part of your total care package.
Where will I meet with providers at Seide Integrative Health?
At this time, appointments occur online via Zoom and are easily booked via your Patient Portal  (if you're new to us, schedule a discovery call to get started).
Dr. Seide is keenly attuned to the current state of risk with respect to Covid, and since many of her patients who have cancer are immune-compromised, she feels at this time that virtual appointments are safest for everyone.
Your appointments will be much longer than you've experienced with traditional practices (usually between 30-60 minutes), and we require that you have an updated version of Zoom to make the most of our time together.
Can Seide Integrative Health serve as my primary care provider?

Dr. Seide offers consultative care that is intended to complement, not replace, care you receive from your primary care provider.

Dr. Seide works collaboratively with your physician and has built relationships in Southern California with fellow internists, family practitioners, oncologists, and other specialists.

Does Seide Integrative Health accept my insurance?

In order to provide the lengthy appointments, in depth assessments, and comprehensive care plans that are the hallmark of Integrative Medicine, Seide Integrative Health does not bill insurance.

Some of your costs may be reimbursed via an FSP or HSA account you've established, but when booking appointments at Seide Integrative Health you will be asked to enter a credit card for payment via your Patient Portal.

Billing is secure via Stripe, and Seide Integrative Health does not keep your financial information in our system.

Should I continue to keep my present insurance and see my current providers?

Seide Integrative Health provides care that is complementary but by no means a replacement for your current insurance-covered healthcare.

Many of the lab tests, radiographic studies, and preventive care will still be covered by your insurance. Additionally, Seide Integrative Health does not see urgent care visits, nor do we prescribe controlled medications for acute or chronic conditions, so it is important that you maintain your relationship with a PCP (primary care provider).

Got a question we haven't answered?

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Serving patients in California

I currently offer virtual appointments via Zoom, providing integrative medicine support to patients throughout California.

If you are out of the state, I recommend the Andrew Weil integrative practitioner database to find an integrative medicine practitioner near you.