The Importance of Dirt

Farmer tending the crops

I think the health of all things-from microbes to plants to animals to humans-depends on our soil. The importance of dirt, cannot be understated. Bonnie Kaplan, a PhD researcher in Canada has tested soils across her country, and with surprise and dismay found that none of them contains optimal nutrients. Without nutritious soil, plants can’t…

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Addressing America’s Physician burnout epidemic with compassion

Physician health support Dr Ann Seide Integrative medicine

Physician burnout has reached epidemic levels with more than 50% of US physicians reporting symptoms of burnout. Research shows that 24% of ICU nurses tested positive for symptoms of PTSD, 33 % of new registered nurses seek another job within a year and as many as 400 US physicians die by suicide each year – more than twice that of the…

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